Bohol island

Bohol island

About ten days ago, I went to Bohol island to see the famous Tarsiers and Chocolate Hills, and of course it was my first time to be there. In this short tour, I realised that the Tarsier is the smallest monkey in the world, and their size is just like the size of our palm. But unfortunately, as far as I know their life span is about twenty to twenty-five years only, and their main food is insect, especially spider. And the other famous spot is the Chocolate Hills. It's quite new to me because I have no idea totally how the hills were made.

Aside from that, I also experienced dolphin watching and snorkelling. Moreover, I went to the virgin island. I must say that if you want to experience snorkelling, you must go to Balicasag because you can see many tropical fishes there, even sea turtle. And please don't forget to put some sun block on your body. Otherwise, you will experience what I have experienced. :)

2013-06-11 19:44:19

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