Adobe - Open Screen Project

Adobe - Open Screen Project

Open Screen Project推廣順利的話~ 我想以後Flash Player就更無所不在了 :p

不然怎麼和Google Android來拚咧~ 所以採取無需授權費的推廣真是一項利多~


Removing restrictions on use of the SWF and FLV/F4V specifications

.Publishing the device porting layer APIs for Adobe Flash Player

.Publishing the Adobe Flash® Cast™ protocol and the AMF protocol for robust data services

.Removing licensing fees – making next major releases of Adobe Flash Player and Adobe AIR for devices free

對我而言最重要的當然是第一條「Removing restrictions on use of the SWF and FLV/F4V specifications」~

目前的 SWF File Format Specification (Version 9)已經拿掉上圖的License Agreement ^^



Adobe Open Screen Project - Open Specifications and Open Technology to Help Expand Flash Player Reach

2008-05-03 08:57:34

2 comments on "Adobe - Open Screen Project"

  1. 1. 呈現 說:

    open source的力量太強了...^^b

    btw 剛在Adobe Open Screen Project is supported by technology leaders的清單上看到中華電信的logo耶!好妙的感覺^^a

    2008-05-03 18:12:18

  2. 2. Shen 說:

    呵~ 這個新聞稿一發佈後~ 我有看到未來的感覺~ 哈~ XD

    2008-05-03 21:39:14

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